Chelsea's Massage Therapy

 Chelsea's Massage Therapy in Naperville

I am not taking new clients at this time.

However if you have a gift card I will schedule you an appointment. 

"The real purpose of giving massage is to foster more depth of feeling for one another in order to bring out the love that often lies buried beneath the pain of everyday living."

~ Robert Calvert

Chelsea's Massage Therapy in Naperville

​welcomes you!

Massage is looked at now more than just for relaxation and rejuvenation. It is used to help chronic pain and residual discomfort from everyday life, work, and exercise.

Chelsea has helped many people that have suffered from migraines, back, shoulder and knee problems, sciatica, tennis elbow, headaches, carpal tunnel and scoliosis.

​She has also worked with triathletes, cyclists, power lifters, marathon runners, gymnasts, volleyball players, swimmers and dancers.

If there is anything she can do to help you feel better and have a better quality of life, please call to set up an appointment!